Tuesday, October 29, 2013

More Success! But still a ways to go...

I find myself back in the position of anxiously awaiting the results of the upcoming unit test. In the first unit, it was because I wanted to see how my students were adapting to the new BYOD class: was this really a better way for them to learn? 

This time around, I find I'm nervous to see if we have indeed improved from unit 1. Have the students become more accustomed to learning on their own? Are they drawing more on their own strengths to master the material? Have they gained confidence in their abilities? Are they doing even better now that they know what is expected of them in the unit, and how to proceed? Tomorrow's test should give me a better understanding!

I'm optimistic - our tracking board shows that unit 2 (on the right) was more thoroughly completed than unit 1 (on the left):

At the end of unit 1, only 4/26 (15%) had completed all that was required of them in the unit. 8/26 (30%) had completed all of the exit cards, indicating they had addressed all of the learning goals. 

I am thrilled to see the numbers go up in unit 2. 12/30 (40%) had completed all that was required of them in the unit, and 17/30 (57%) had completed all the exit cards. Progress!

Any boxes that are "open" in either unit (not coloured and no "X" through them) can still be completed at the student's leisure to demonstrate their understanding. On our turn-around day Thursday (the day after the test) I'll be encouraging most students to go back and complete some of those.

Three students are on the online review page currently (have I mentioned how much I love the anonymous Google Docs animals??), the online help session is up and running, and I'm hoping to see more students take advantage of these resources and pop online tonight. 

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