Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Getting Started with Student Blogs

My contribution to OSSEMOOC's 30 Days of Learning (June topic: pic-and-post):

In #cdnedchat tonight, on the topic of technology integration, a couple of us started discussing student blogs. Having had some success with my first blog this past year, student blogging is something I think I'd like to try in the new school year. I wasn't sure why I wanted to jump into blogging with my students - it just seemed like the quintessential "break down the classroom walls" activity.

And then @millerg6 posted this:

...which took me to his blog:

There are so many more good reasons to blog instead of just putting something out for the world to see! In a science class (which is where I'm thinking of blogging first), Greg's post reminded me that we can also use the exercise to foster science communication, improve science literacy and encourage collaboration between students.

Encouraged by Greg's post, I'm looking all the more forward to blogging with my students in the new school year!

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