Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Five Most-Read Blog Posts of 2016

When I first started blogging, it was a way to jot down new initiatives (moving my classes toward a flipped model and incorporating Bring Your Own Device) as well as get feedback on things I was trying in the classroom. Blogging has been an invaluable tool in connecting with other teachers.

But I've come to realize how important a reflection piece blogging can be as well. I find it really interesting to see how my viewpoint has changed with experience and a change in job, see how I was able to overcome some challenges, and see that I still have a ways to go in wrapping my head around certain pedagogies.

I find it intriguing, too, what others have found interesting over the few years I've been blogging. Here are my most-read posts of 2014, and my most-read posts of 2015

On that note, here are my five most-read blog posts of 2016:

1) #OntarioClassMatch - launch of a new hashtag to help connect classes within Ontario.

2) Unleashing Creativity: All About the Bats - the creative component of the culminating project by my grade 9 science class. 

3) Thinking about Going Gradeless - something I would love to try once I'm back in the classroom.

4) Spiralling: Spinning Around in my Head - something else I would love to try once I'm back in the classroom. Can I spiral gradelessly?? :)

5) Clawing Back the Freedom - when the independence that comes with a flipped model just wasn't working for some of my students.

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