Sunday, December 27, 2015

Five Most-Read Blog Posts of 2015

Sitting around the dinner table with family last night, we all recalled our best memory from 2015. From swimming in the Caribbean, to that night going out for pizza and the power went out, to a serendipitous walk in the woods, everyone had great stories. It was a fantastic year in so many ways, I found it hard to pick just one highlight!

Looking back through my most-visited blog posts of 2015, I'm reminded of my learning and my classes' successes over the year. It was a good review of what I've tried, what I've wondered and struggled with, and what I've changed. 

I've got a lot of great, new ideas in mind for 2016 - here's to a great year!

1) Physics: It's not all about the math - A look at how I've been testing students in Physics. How much emphasis is on the science?

2) Genius Hour - Year 1 - Here's how we got Genius Hour up and running in our grade 9 science class. It was amazing!

3) Ditching Effectiveness - The miracle of page 18 - After an intense weekend of learning about rich task assessment, I wrote this post to reflect on my biggest take-away from the two-day workshop: a single paragraph on page 18 of Growing Success.

4) A Global Survey - Electricity Usage - My grade 9 science class created a survey on electricity usage and sent it around the world. We had over 600 responses from over 40 countries! Here's how we did it, and what we did with the data afterward.

5) Make School Different: Five things to stop pretending - A response to the #makeschooldifferent challenge.

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