Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Five Most-Read Posts of 2014

2014 was a big year for learning and trying new things. I'm no writer, but I am discovering the benefits of blogging - and hence reflecting - as I find my path through the BYOD jungle. 

Here are my top five most-read posts of 2014. Thanks to @classcollect for the idea, who in turn got the idea from @justintarte.

5) Mutiny! - I nearly lost my class over the introduction of a cross-curricular assignment...

4) Culminating Project - Quadratics Toss! - my students went outside to perform an activity, and then matched the outcomes using both traditional and digital tools.

3) The (False?) Pressure of Standardized Tests - as much as I try and ignore the results of my students' standardized math test, there is still pressure to have them do well...

2) The Student Becomes the Teacher - Video Summatives - highlighting the first time my students created teaching videos for their math class.

1) A Tale of Two Edcamps - reflecting on two very different EdCamps - EdcampIsland and EdcampBarrie.

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